Depression Is a Deadly but Treatable Disease

Such news and letters pass before our eyes daily, but we bury these letters with these frustrated mates in the guise of failing an exam, breaking a heart in love, and suffering from unemployment. After all, our society is full of the complicated examination system and corruption and recommendation.

Thus we can never mention this disease, which is called “depression”. Yes. Depression! This is the same disease, the symptoms of which, as soon as we hear the words “drama and acting” are released on our tongues, which before the diagnosis of “look” and even if the diagnosis is considered “madness”.

The resulting personal decline is treated as a sign of “no trauma” and suicide as a sign of “weak nerves” and the rest of the children are encouraged to abstain from movies and dramas.


Depression is defined differently in every home. If it happens to the son, then to frighten the parents and the daughter-in-law with emotional blackmail, then it is considered as “drama taught by the mother”. If it happens to the parents, then it becomes an “excuse” of old age and if it happens to the employee, then it becomes an “excuse” to avoid work. Our society is prone to misconceptions and lack of knowledge about health and medical information.

Where even today diabetes is treated with honey and hepatitis is treated with pigeons, a complex disease like depression is just as difficult to catch and control as it is to convince the public that, like diabetes and blood pressure, It is also a disease. Just as sugar stops the body from making insulin, so depression depresses the balance of many chemicals in the human brain called “neurotransmitters.”

Just as there are symptoms of diabetes, such as “feeling very thirsty, losing weight, urinating a lot”, there are also nine symptoms of depression, which are:

  1. Not feeling happy in any work.
  2. Feeling frustrated.
  3. Not getting enough sleep or getting too much.
  4. Don’t feel hungry.
  5. Do not meet the eye while speaking or speak very fast, which shows anxiety.
  6. Feeling tired all the time.
  7. Suffering from the illusion of self, that I am a failed human being and my family is facing disgrace because of me.
  8. Don’t get involved in any work.
  9. Suicidal thoughts.

Symptoms of Depression:

If four of these symptoms are present most days of the week and make a difference in a person’s life and daily activities, then you have no vision, no magic, no illusion, and no drama. Rather, you have fallen victim to this disease, which is called “depression” and is treatable, for which you have not been advised by a father’s talisman, and an aunt’s “I was never a daughter-in-law”. Rather need a doctor, a psychologist. Just as diabetes is controlled by insulin, depression is controlled by “counseling and medicine”.

What are linked to Depression?

Most antidepressant medications begin to work after at least six months. Therefore, if you do not get immediate results, before calling the doctor a “moneylender” and the medicine a “business”, remember that the effect of the medicine will be delayed. If sugar is not controlled, the kidneys may fail, and the feet may have to be amputated. Similarly, if depression is not treated properly, then a person can become so frustrated that he can hang himself on a trap, drink some acid, jump off a roof, and cut the thread of his life. According to an aid statistic, more than 300 people in Asia commit suicide every year due to depression. But the cruelty is that in diabetes even the house servant knows that “Boss had diabetes so his leg was amputated” but in this disease, no one in Allah knows that it is suicide. This is not due to quarrels with the wife, failure in exams, and failure in love, but due to depression that can never be diagnosed.

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