High Blood Sugar and Covid 19 Linked To Risk of Death

Excessive blood sugar levels in people with the new Coronavirus can increase the risk of death and increase the risk of serious complications. This was revealed in a medical study in China.

A study by Wuhan’s Huazhong University of Science and Technology found that patients who had not been previously diagnosed with diabetes and had high blood sugar levels had a higher risk of death and serious complications from code 19. Increases. Previous research reports have linked the risk of death from high blood sugar to pneumonia, stroke, heart attack, and a number of other diseases. Several research reports in recent months have also found a link between the poor health of patients with diabetes and covid 19.

Relationship between Abdominal Blood Glucose Levels:

However, little has been done on the direct relationship between abdominal blood glucose levels and the outcome of treatment without a diagnosis of diabetes in a Cod 19 patient. The new study, published in the journal Dialectology, looked at the link between high blood sugar and death in 28 days in patients undergoing treatment at two hospitals who had not previously been diagnosed with diabetes.

During the study, all patients admitted to the two Wuhan hospitals from January 24 to February 10 were examined for 28 days and their blood sugar levels were monitored at the time of admission. These patients underwent clinical data on 28-day outcomes, including in-hospital complications and a CBR 65 score.


CBR65 is an effective measure of the severity of pneumonia and is based on 4 factors: confusion level, respiratory rate (30 breaths per minute), systolic blood pressure (90 mmHg or less) or DIASTOLIC BLOOD PRESSURE (60 mmHg or less) and age (65 years or more). The study included 605 patients with an average age of 59, of whom 114 died in hospital. 208 patients already had one or more diseases but were not diagnosed with diabetes, while hypertension was the most common condition.

The researchers found that 29% of patients had high blood sugar levels at the time of hospitalization. In 17%, the level of high blood sugar was such that it can be considered as the level of pre-diabetes. The results showed that patients with high blood sugar had twice the risk of death. It was also found that the risk of death was 75% higher in men than in women, while the risk of death was five times higher in people with the worst pneumonia.

When researchers combined blood sugar and CRB65 scores, they found that the group with higher blood sugar had a higher risk of death, even if their CBR65 score was zero. Diabetes and high blood sugar have been linked to an increased risk of death in patients with Code 19. Similarly, such people have a 4 times higher risk of serious complications than others. The researchers said that high blood sugar increases the risk of complications such as blood clotting, arterial function, and inflammation due to over-activation of the immune response.

Risk Of High Blood Pressure From Corona

Somewhere around the world, research is being done on the treatment of the coronavirus, and somewhere along with other diseases, its effects on humans. One such recent study found that patients with high blood pressure. They are more likely to die from the coronavirus than those who do not have high blood pressure.

Corona is extremely dangerous for patients with high blood pressure

“Patients with high blood pressure need to know that they have a higher risk of dying from COD 2,” said Fei Li, a cardiologist and research author at Xinjiang Hospital in China. For the study, researchers in China and Ireland examined coronavirus patients at Hoshanshan Hospital in Wuhan, China, between February 5 and March 15. Of these, 30% i.e. 850 patients had hypertension or blood pressure.

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